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Sustainable and
high-quality facades


Exterior painting

Do you want to have facades of monuments, new construction and post-insulated facades painted? With us your building is in good hands. Breathable facade paint, kalei, self-cleaning and many other paint applications are possible with us.


We have the necessary expertise to make your home shine for many years with a new protective layer.

Would you like to have wooden joinery, aluminum or plastic painted? We paint it all. High-gloss or matt lacquer in alkyd or acrylic, it is all possible to provide your joinery with a protective layer. 

You can also contact us for transparent woodworking for your facade. Varnishing, oiling, graying wood or recoloring grayed wood.

paintwork painters facade renovation and paintwork of villa in white and green
painting facade in scaffolding for painting works in Bruges europacollege biskajerplein

Technicity and quality

Would you like technical advice for your facade?

We make a technical analysis of the subsurface without obligation to determine its condition and identify the risks. We will then propose a facade paint system to guarantee an optimal lifespan for your facade.

We paint with


high-quality paint from Sigma Coatings, among others, so we can guarantee an optimal lifespan for every type of painting project and it is also installed by our own experienced professionals.

We pre-paint


many satisfied customers. Are you a private individual, company or government and are you about to have painting work carried out? Then be sure to meet our team and be convinced of our qualities.

Gerenoveerde gevel in Brugs rood in Brugge door gevelschilders van verfwerk
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