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Popular interior colors in 2024

You can discover here which colors for the interior will be popular in 2024.

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Most commonly used colours:

The most commonly used colors in the interior are often sober and neutral colors such as white, beige, gray.

These colors are easy to combine with other colors and materials and also provide a spacious and calm effect.

White and RAL9010 will be the most common colors in every room in 2024, followed by beige and gray. Black and dark colors are often used for a dark and industrial look or as an accent. There are also other color trends that are popular in the interior such as pastel colors, earth tones, blue and green. These colors can provide more atmosphere, warmth, contrast and personality in your interior.

The lighter colors are often also combined with an accent of wallpaper, decorative technology or other wall coverings. ,

Color of the year:

color of the year 2024
Color of the year 2024

The color of the year 2024 at Sigma is Limitless (PPG1091-3). It is a warm honey beige shade that embodies both the strength of a primary color and the subtlety of a neutral color. This fresh warm shade reflects the changing customer preference for softer, lighter colours. Limitless offers an unlimited range of applications.

Color in the interior:

There are different ways to apply color in the interior. You can opt for a monochrome color palette where you use different shades of one color. This gives a calm and harmonious effect. You can also choose a contrast color palette where you use colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel such as red and green or blue and orange.

This gives a lively and dynamic effect. Another option is a complementary color palette, using colors that are next to each other on the color wheel such as yellow and green or purple and pink. This gives a cheerful and playful effect.

Choosing colors for the interior:

Furnished catering area with brightly painted walls and accents

When choosing colors for your interior, you should also take into account the function, size and light of the room. For example, for a bedroom it is better to choose soft and soothing colors such as blue, gray or lilac. For a living room you can choose warm and cozy colors such as red, orange or yellow. For a small room it is better to choose light and fresh colors such as white, beige or pastel. For a large room you can choose dark and deep colors such as brown, black or burgundy.

Color can also be added using accessories such as cushions, curtains, rugs, paintings or plants. This way you can easily vary the color without changing your entire interior. You can also experiment with different materials, textures and patterns to create more depth or contrast in your interior.

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