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Specifications for water damage to paint

moldy wall due to water leak
Result of a water leak

The consequences of water damage are generally covered by your fire insurance. The guarantee covers most damage caused by water to your home and possibly to your contents if you have taken out additional guarantee for this purpose. However, there are exceptions which mean that you cannot always benefit from the intervention of your insurance company.

Some situations in which the water damage guarantee applies :

  • Damage due to leak.

  • Damage caused by water to your sanitary installation.

  • Damage caused by pipe problems.

Damage caused by flooding is covered by the natural disaster guarantee.

There are also some exceptions where insurance does not come into play_11100000-0000-0000-0000-000000000111:

  • Damage due to lack of maintenance or precaution.

  • Damage to the equipment or pipes that caused the damage.

  • Damage to roofs through which water has entered.

Always contact your insurance broker to check the specific conditions of your policy or for more detailed information.

Do you need specifications to repair paint ?

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