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latex stairwell painting

It is important

Clear agreements about the desired finish prevents many problems and discussions. With this method you can also compare different quotes correctly and without any surprises. Because good agreements make good work.

If you have any questions about the finish or if you have specific wishes, be sure to ask us for advice for all your interior painting work.

Finishing grades

Grades for interior painting finishes are clearly divided into Basic, Standard and Lux



  • Surface is not updated

  • Paint provides coverage and coloring

  • The condition of the surface remains visible.

  • Visual gloss and color differences permitted.

  • Brushing and dusting

  • Primer

  • Finishing layer​



  • Surface must be flat.

  • Imperfections are eliminated.

  • Uniform appearance for shine, coverage and color.

  • Minor textural differences allowed

  • Brushing and dusting

  • Degraining and deburring

  • Update locally

  • Primer

  • Top up locally

  • Primer on side effects

  • Finishing layer​



  • Surface must be flat and smooth.

  • Rough zones are removed.

  • Paint system must be uniformly smooth.

  • Uniform for  shine, coverage and color.

  • Only be uniform for  shine and color.

  • Brushing and dusting

  • Degraining and deburring

  • Stop and update locally

  • Full surface filler

  • Sanding and dusting

  • Primer

  • Intermediate layer

  • Finishing layer​

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