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Classy and
beautiful decoration


Decorative painting

We can provide you with modern or old decorative techniques. Wood imitation, marble, gold leaf, crackle, veneziano stucco, Moroccan plaster, surface finish and much more is possible. We can make your interior or facade shine or create a special atmosphere.

Multichrome painting, stencil work and filleting are also possible.

We make some techniques ourselves, others we order from suppliers such as Boss Paints.

Staircase with decorative technology on walls with a statue in a niche high in the wall
paintwork painting company mother-of-pearl paint and copper-plated hall tower Bruges

Gold leaf

Would you like to have a special effect placed on a wall or ceiling? How about gold leaf or copper in gold color or silver? It gives your interior a special spectacle of light and shine.  It gives a special feeling and is extremely easy to maintain and washable.

​If you would like more information about these special applications, please feel free to contact us.

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