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Authentic and strong
kalei facade system


Want to bare the facade?

Do you want to have your facade bare? Or have old kalei painted over? Then you can contact us to see whether your facade is suitable. Traditional kale is mainly made on old untreated  brick facades installed. The advantages of kalei are its great vapor permeability, good adhesion, extremely suitable for damaged or sandblasted facades and its lifespan of approximately 15 years.

The kalei can also be painted over with a vapour-open paint system if you do not wish to see natural discolouration in the surface. The paint for painting over kale should be of the siloxane or silicate type, because these are extremely vapor permeable.

paintwork installer of kalei on facade in Bruges Damme Knokke
house painter, paintwork installer of kalei on facades in Bruges.

Kalei effect with paint

Sometimes it is not possible or desirable to place kalei on your facade because it has already been painted, for example. Then we have an alternative that is just as sustainable. Sigma's quartz paints match the kalei effect on your facade. These paints have a fine quartz grain, are filling, vapor permeable and also have a very long lifespan. The appearance is much more refined and sleek in finish than traditional kalei. 

If you would like to have facades bare, please contact us to view your project. 

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