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Decorative painting techniques in the interior

Sigmulto Stucco Matt
Sigmulto Stucco Matt

There are different types of decorative techniques that painting companies use to add something extra to walls and other surfaces. It is a nice way to make the interior beautiful and less monotonous. There are many possibilities and some of them are very old techniques, but there are also modern and innovative techniques. Here are some of the most commonly used decorative techniques in interior design:

  1. Texture Paint: With this paint, which usually contains quartz, you can create a sand or stone effect by applying the grainy paint in various ways. This will often be applied with a block brush.

  2. Accent wall: With an accent wall, a wall in the room will be selected to be painted in a matching color, different from the walls and ceilings.

  3. Sigmulto Metallic Satin: Sigmulto Metallic is a high-quality, scrub-resistant and well-covering wall paint with a silver-metal effect. Low odor. Available in 36 colors, which makes this concept unique on the Belgian market. Gives a beautiful glitter effect depending on the surface (smooth wall paint, Quartzstone, Glass Fabric or painter's wallpaper)

  4. Sigmulto Stucco Matt: Sigmulto Stucco Matt is a multi-colored wall finish with two aesthetic final aspects possible. Namely a stucco or marble effect. This decorative technique can also be polished with a spatula, varnish or wax.

  5. Concrete look: The concrete look is a painting technique that imitates the rough appearance of concrete This technique gives a modern look and fits perfectly with modern interiors

  6. Lime painting technique: The lime painting technique is applied in several layers with block brushes. Often this is done by drawing lines with the brushes, but this can also be applied crosswise._11100000-0000 -0000-0000-000000000111_The two successive layers interact with each other, causing slight color differences.

In addition to these decorative techniques, there are of course many more options. There are also many new technologies available on the market that fit perfectly with a modern interior. But the application of older techniques can also add value to the interior. Think of a Veneziano stucco, Moroccan stucco or marble imitation.

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