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Oxblood red made with blood?

A fact about oxblood red:

Could oxblood red really have been made from oxblood in the past, as many people think? Nice story but it's not true.

Oxblood red made from blood? Cattle Ox Cow old paint paintwork Bruges
Oxblood red made from oxblood?

Oxblood red (RAL3009 oxide red) ordead head or Caput Mortumis is really not made of ox blood but is a name for a type of red that was colored with iron oxide (red ocher) and therefore actually has little to do with ox blood.< /p>

Color swatch oxblood red
Oxblood red

We can assume that blood was used to treat wood in the Middle Ages. The blood was mainly used to make the 'paint' to bind and was dark and rather brown in color.

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