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Luxurious, warm
fast and solid


Want to install floor coverings?

We install various types of floor coverings such as carpet, vinyl, laminate. 

If you are considering having floor coverings installed, we can take care of this for you. Seamless carpet or vinyl in large sizes up to 5m. Floor coverings in carpet tiles or vinyl tiles are also possible. You can also have us install click laminate or small plank floors.

We also provide the associated subfloors and skirting boards.

paint work, painters install vinyl floor coverings
paintwork floor covering red carpet installer in Bruges

Full carpet

Carpet can be installed either glued or floating and gives a luxurious and warm feeling. These carpets may have fire classes and anti-allergenic substances.

If you would like to have floor coverings installed, please contact us for more information. We work with Belgian manufacturers

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